Our Network

Gruppo Fortis • Parco Culturale

The Fortis Group Cultural Park is a network of companies in which all the parties together work together to provide their know-how and skills. The members of the Network continuously exchange information and technical, industrial, commercial and technological services.

The Fortis Group Cultural Park is a cultural, development, training and consulting center where the exchange of ideas, skills and knowledge helps to grow and enhance the members of the Network.

The main objectives of the Fortis Group Cultural Park are:

  • Integrate the knowledge and skills of the members to offer better services and activities;
  • Implement research and development projects to improve products, processes, services and productivity;
  • Contaminate and increase the internal competencies of the Network with the exchange of information, experiences, employees and needs;
  • Promote and develop industry 4.0 by training new professionals and experimenting with innovative activities;
  • Participate in Italian and foreign public notices to always perform new services and activities for all member companies;
  • Collaborate with research organizations to make the Network increasingly competitive and innovative in all areas in which it operates;
  • Create a Markerspace/FabLab, a space dedicated to creativity, innovation, coworking and exchange of ideas between young people, artisans and companies for the creation of new projects.